Homeschooling Sites to Follow

Students don’t all respond well to standard teaching methods, and teachers who can employ a variety of strategies to personalize each student’s education and keep them engaged will be the most successful with pupils of all ages. Homeschooling is becoming a popular choice for parents who feel that their children need highly personalized education and individual attention, but not every family has the means to make homeschooling work. To be successful, current and future educators will need to have the ability to provide individual attention to students while meeting the needs of a whole classroom.

Over a year ago, we published a list of the 25 Best Sites for Homeschoolers in 2012, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Educators, students, and homeschooling bloggers loved it, and it was clear that there’s plenty of room for sharing and learning between all of those groups. With this list, we want to highlight even more of the most amazing websites for homeschoolers.

For families that choose it, homeschooling can be an incredibly enriching and rewarding experience for the students and the entire family. These sites feature diverse opinions and materials, and are not ranked or rated here, merely presented as excellent sources of information for anyone interested in homeschooling.

    General Homeschool Sites

    From free curriculum materials to general homeschooling news, these sites have all kinds of info for anyone generally interested in the topic.


    homeschoolcom2 has been in business for over 14 years helping homeschooling families get the information they need about the different curriculum, products, and services offered to the homeschooling community. They strive to provide families with information about everything from products and services to inspiring stories of homeschoolers around the world.

    – Recommended Reading: Beginning–Advanced Homeschooling Articles

  2. Home EDucators Resource Directory


    Homeschooling parents may discover that this site is their one-stop directory for information, supplies, services, and support for homeschool communities. The information is organized by local, national, and global resources and includes resources that pertain to those areas.

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschooling Blog

  3. Curriculum Share


    This is your chance to walk away with some great free homeschool curriculum shared by other homeschoolers. The only cost is shipping; so, this form of sharing is a great way to cut costs, not corners.

    – Recommended Reading: How to keep a Homeschooling Portfolio

  4. Homeschool Central


    Homeschool Central is a resource vital to any parent or caregiver who teaches children outside the traditional classroom. This site offers information about support groups worldwide, message boards, helpful articles, and free study resources for children of all ages.

    – Recommended Reading: Free Homeschool Study Resources

  5. Homeschool Creations


    Jolanthe is the whiz behind Homeschool Creations, a site that offers homeschool resources, free printables, and encouragement for homeschooling families. She and her husband homeschool their own four children, yet she still finds time to post four times every week.

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschool Basics – Tips and Helps for Homeschool Families

  6. Simple Homeschool


    Education is complicated, no matter how you or your children experience it. This site focuses on homeschool, and homeschoolers can find inspiration and encouragement here that empowers them to teach with confidence.

    – Recommended Reading: How to homeschool: Links to help you get started

  7. Home School Legal Defense Association


    Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization that defends and advances a parent’s constitutional right to direct their child’s education and to protect family freedoms. Learn more about this effort and stay abreast of homeschool law changes.

    – Recommended Reading: What You Receive

  8. Teach Them Diligently


    The Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention was born out of a need for more events to celebrate the focus of Christian homeschool families. All profits from this convention go to missions.

    – Recommended Reading: About TTD Homeschool Convention

  9. CurrClick


    A handful of homeschooling moms got together to build a resource for other homeschooling parents. This site is a store, but it also offers valuable free clubs, eBooks, and ideas that can make any homeschool life more fun and less stressful.

    – Recommended Reading: Free eBooks

  10. I Can Teach My Child!


    Parents and caregivers can find plenty of resources at this site for homeschooling. The woman who writes this blog is a former first-grade teacher turned stay-at-home mom to two boys, and she started this blog to share her accountability to her children’s development.

    – Recommended Reading: Thematic Units

  11. Homeschool Buyers Coop


    This site offers a database of free curriculum and other educational resources that can help any homeschooling family. Take part in “GroupBuys” and scroll through the handy coupon corner to find great deals on homeschool supplies.

    – Recommended Reading: Testimonials

  12. The Activity Mom


    Nicole is that ball of fire behind this blog, where she shares activities she does at home with her two children. A former public school teacher, Nicole uses her traditional education with new methods and shares her constant discoveries.

    – Recommended Reading: Where & When Should I Start?

  13. Hewitt Homeschooling


    Since 1983, Hewitt’s research has led this organization to become a major proponent of homeschooling, especially when they discovered that these children tested in the 87th percentile. The emphasis is on combining excellent academics with work ethic, character development, and spirit of community service.

    – Recommended Reading: Hewitt offers a Balanced, Flexible and Complete Approach to Homeschooling…

  14. Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling


    Jamerrill spearheads the Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling site, where she teaches other parents how to develop a Christian homeschool atmosphere. The blog is filled with projects and advice, as well as help for homeschooling moms.

    – Recommended Reading: Volcano Science Project & Unit Study Resources {& Big Family Friday}

  15. Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland


    A self-professed “sweet tea drinking, Jesus loving, transplanted New Hampshire girl living in the South” offers her perspectives on homeschooling in “autismland.” This mom shares her views candidly, and many parents can learn from her experiences.

    – Recommended Reading: Why Disney Shouldn’t Have Asked Autism Speaks (Disability Access Pass)

  16. Heppner’s Legacy Homeschool Resources


    Homeschool families usually don’t look for bricks-and-mortar stores to find resources, because they usually don’t exist. Heppner’s Legacy is one of those rarities, and they serve the entire upper Midwest with eclectic offerings on topics from art to science.

    – Recommended Reading: Unit Studies

  17. Homeschool Math


    Parents have learned that this site is a valuable comprehensive resource for homeschooling leaders that includes free math tools across the board. Teach children math concepts instead of mechanical rule memorization.

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschool math curriculum guide

  18. Trisms Curriculum


    If you’re seeking a curriculum that prepares homeschooled students for college and for life, take a look at TRISMS. This curriculum style teaches independent critical thinking and unit study style skills, with the added benefit of no more lesson plans for mom!

    – Recommended Reading: Testimonials

  19. Christopherus Homeschool Resources


    Christopherus Homeschool Resources provides Waldorf homeschooling and parenting help through publications, audio downloads, consultations, and an informative website and blog. This company has offered its services since 2003, with an eye to the fact that no two homeschooling families are alike.

    – Recommended Reading: What We Offer

  20. H.E.R.I. Home Education Resources and Information


    H.E.R.I. is a volunteer organization comprised of almost 800 families that serve homeschoolers in Florida’s northeast region. Established in 1985, this group strengthens homeschooling families through providing resources and networks for success.

    – Recommended Reading: H.E.R.I. FAQ

  21. Homeschool Freebie of the Day


    Join the Subscriber Exclusive email list for free at this site and receive weekly sneak peeks at upcoming homeschool “freebies.” Additionally, subscribers receive “Subscriber Exclusive” links that are not posted on the site.

    – Recommended Reading: Creative Freewriting Lesson with C.S. Lewis & George MacDonald

  22. Special Needs Homeschooling


    Few special-needs student resources exist online for homeschooling, so this site provides a much-needed experience for parents with children who experience autism, ADHD, and other learning disorders. Take advantage of the plentiful resources and reviews on this site.

    – Recommended Reading: Learning Resources

  23. Homeschoolers Guides


    Homeschoolers Guides offers materials that can help parents and caregivers to make decisions about educational resources, field trips and family vacations, and colleges or career schools. Many of the resources are free to explore, including their links to libraries and calendar of events.

    – Recommended Reading: Seasonal Guides

  24. Beginning

    Homeschooling Blogs

    Families who have chosen homeschooling have built a strong community online, and through their blogs they share the struggles and successes of teaching their children at home. Many homeschooling families design their own materials or create projects based on curriculum suggestions from others, so there’s a rich variety of useful material to be had on these blogs as well.

  25. Confessions of a…Homeschooler


    Erica uses her website to share ideas, resources, curriculum, and giveaways. Her wealth of materials, which include artists, composers, and scientists, come from her experiences as a Christian homeschooling mom to four children.

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschooling 101: Gathering Curriculum

  26. Homeschooling 911


    Anne Galivan is the mastermind behind Homeschooling 911, a blog that helps parents find answers to questions about the homeschooling process. She homeschooled three of her older children through high school, but she still has a few years to go before her homeschooling career ends.

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschooling ABC’s: P, Q, and R

  27. Tales of a Homeschool Family


    This family just marked its eleventh year of formal homeschooling, using an eclectic blend of curriculum for each child’s learning needs. They share their homeschooling ideas on this blog, including Christian perspectives to integrate into daily lives.

    – Recommended Reading: Curriculum

  28. Teachable Moments


    The woman who authors this blog is a self-admitted 41-year-old “green smoothie drinking, art journaling” mother who homeschools her two daughters. She shares her love for the arts, as well as the curriculum for the upcoming school year.

    – Recommended Reading: Our Curriculum 2013-2014

  29. Granola Mom 4 God


    Jodi married her high school sweetheart, and now she blogs about homeschooling, essential oils, home-birthing, gardening, and fermentation. Quite a lot to share, but she does a wonderful job at putting her homeschool life on display.

    – Recommended Reading: The Ultimate Guide to Classical Education

  30. The Ruby Notebook


    Sonita describes herself as a Christian wife and mom and a “homeschool hippie.” Her blog is stuffed with interesting entries, especially in her notebook, which is filled with information for meals and homeschool. The “Ruby Store” holds products that Sonita used in her homeschool efforts.

    – Recommended Reading: The Notebook

  31. Our School At Home


    Meet the Otto family — very busy individuals who love life and who recently began to homeschool a daughter who has Asperger’s and sensory processing disorder. Joan, the mom, uses this blog to share homeschool information with the skill that comes from being a professional writer.

    – Recommended Reading: Our top 5 homeschooling resources

  32. Blog, She Wrote


    This homeschooling mom of four and a former middle and high school biology teacher, paper crafter and sewing “visioneer,” nature lover, and wife to a chemical engineer, shares her teaching experiences. This blog looks at homeschooling 10th, 8th, 6th, and 3rd grades.

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschooling Tips: Learning Spaces

  33. Mom’s Heart


    Brittney left her job to become a stay-at-home mom when her eldest of three children turned four years old. She writes an engaging blog about homeschool, field trips, vacations, her children’s book, and family life.

    – Recommended Reading: Field Trips

  34. Our Joy…His Glory


    Leslie once swore she’d never marry a preacher, teach homeschool, or drive a minivan…but, now she’s committed to all three activities with joy. She blogs from Texas as she shares her recipes, homeschool projects, and featured news and resources on this blog.

    – Recommended Reading: Projects

  35. Treasures Unseen


    Melanie is a pastor’s wife who also homeschools her four children. She uses this blog to write about raising family, recipes, healthy living, and, of course, homeschool, helping her readers to see the “eternal in the everyday.”

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschooling ~ Summer Style

  36. Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood


    Brandy is a homeschool mom to three children, and she writes about her experiences from her home in Tennessee. She also writes about traveling and educational pursuits, offering free online web tools like games, activities, and videos.

    – Recommended Reading: About Classical Conversations

  37. A Joyful Jewish Journey


    Allison brings a different perspective to homeschooling life as a Jewish believer in Jesus. She’s mom to six children, and she shares how she balances homeschool with the rest of her creative lifestyle with charm.

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschool Helps

  38. Teaching Two Stinkers


    Jenn, a mother of two boys, is new at homeschooling and not afraid to share her mistakes and successes. She blogs to have an account of the lessons she shares with her boys, but also to encourage other homeschooling parents who might be in her same situation.

    – Recommended Reading: My Lesson Plans

  39. Jacquie’s Blog


    Jacquie is a mother and great-grandmother who has traveled extensively and who has written a number of curriculum and books designed for homeschooling children. She shares much of her award-winning work at this site, with an emphasis on the Rhoades to Reading methods.

    – Recommended Reading: Why Choose Rhoades To Reading

  40. The Planted Trees


    Chelli is a homeschooling mom of three who shares a bounty of information on her blog site. Look through her recipes, curriculum, homeschool resources, reading lists, and reviews to gain insight into skills you might use in your homeschooling venture.

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschool

  41. Learning Curve


    Joesette from Virginia homeschools her two daughters and she shares her own learning curve on how to teach two different types of learners. Beyond sharing the “curves” she encounters in this process, she also shares her knowledge on cooking, gardening, and scrapbooking.

    – Recommended Reading: Science Day

  42. The Joys of Home Educating


    Melissa is a Christian mother of four children, a cancer survivor, and a homeschool parent. Tap into her blog to learn more about her support community, her freebies, and her willingness to share resources she uses to homeschool her kids.

    – Recommended Reading: Make It Monday: Thanksgiving Craft: Ball of Yarn Turkey

  43. Homegrown Learners


    Mary is a Christian wife and mother who homeschools her two children. She is the author of a music appreciation curriculum for children, and she also shares homeschool encouragement, LEGO printables, free music lessons, unit studies and much more on her site.

    – Recommended Reading: Collage Friday

  44. Spell Outloud Homeschool Curriculum Plans


    Spell Outloud’s homeschool curriculum plans are updated offers for early years, 5th grade, 7th grade, and homeschool high school plans. Take advantage of the rest of the site, too, where you can find free printables and other homeschool tools and information.

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschool High School 2012-2013 Plans

  45. Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers


    Kris is a Christian wife and mother who claims a Georgia accent and three “weird, unsocialized homeschooled kids.” She also is a freelance social media manager and content writer, so you can expect some well-written experience to emanate from this site.

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschool Consulting

  46. Cultivated Lives


    Heather is the homeschooling parent who brings her joy of life to this blog. Cultivated Lives is about celebrating life, God, other individuals, and the adventure of inspired learning on a daily basis.

    – Recommended Reading: Want to Hear Me Speak?

  47. HomeSchool Girls


    A single Christian mom chronicles her homeschool experiences with her daughter, a task that she feels very enthusiastic about. She shares her life, her family, and her curriculum and homeschool ideas on this site for others to learn from and share again.

    – Recommended Reading: Why I Homeschool

  48. Little Homeschool on the Prairie


    Jennifer’s life is filled with homeschooling, teaching, blogging, writing, and she’s a foster mom and lover of all things country. She’s been writing since she was a child herself, and she also teaches part time at a local Christian college.

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschooling: A List of Top 10 Reasons We Homeschool (in no particular order)

  49. Still Room to Grow


    Although Kate started this blog with little snippets from her past and present, she altered the format to present her current experiences in homeschooling. Kate offers a brilliant assortment of situations, including 31 days of creating family bliss.

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschool

  50. Adventures of a Homeschooler


    Krystle is a Christian wife and mother who writes about her journey to become the “best possible homeschool teacher I can be.” This is her first year on that journey with her three young children, and she’s happy to share her resources and adventures.

    – Recommended Reading: Our Curriculum 2013-2014

  51. Homeschool Is Where The Heart Is


    Andrea shares her homeschool adventures with her children on this blog, where she also shares her curriculum. She’s using the materials she shares to raise her children to be “loving, kind, and Jesus-following adults.”

    – Recommended Reading: Our Schedule 2013

  52. Along the Way


    This Christian mom to two children under age ten offers her resources and advice on homeschooling. The focus currently is on preschool, and Cindy also offers her links on her favorite blogs, recipes, crafts, and printables.

    – Recommended Reading: Our Curriculum

  53. Oh, That’s Simple


    The “mama of the Landry family” tells you right up front that her family is Catholic, homeschoolers, and loud. The important part is the homeschooling, which this family has conducted for 23 years, with about ten more years to go, sharing their resources and experiences on this site.

    – Recommended Reading: Dictation Example Pages

  54. Respect. Love. Learning.


    Helena is a mother, writer, and home educator who loves to learn herself. She may be a self-professed “dreamer and an idealist,” but her blog shares some very practical resources on homeschooling.

    – Recommended Reading: Tell-Tale Signs

  55. Beginning

    State & Local Organizations

    States and towns often have homeschool associations to support local homeschoolers by providing a community, holding regular get-togethers, and offering other support. Since most children are required to attend school by law, homeschoolers have to deal with regulatory issues that other families may never encounter. State and local homeschool organizations may offer information and even legal support in these cases.

  56. Christian Home Educators Association of California


    Christian Home Educators Association of California offers a wide variety of information and resources for home educators with any age of student. This is a great place for CA residents to find a homeschooling community, curriculum guides, and more.

    – Recommended Reading: Resource Center

  57. Vermont Historical Society: Homeschoolers


    The Vermont Historical Society provides a great deal of opportunity for homeschoolers to learn about history and use the History Center as an educational tool

    – Recommended Reading: History for Homeschoolers

  58. Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators


    Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators is a statewide organization for parents who have chosen to educate their children at home. Minnesota parents learn to rely on this resource for Christian values and homeschool tools.

    – Recommended Reading: Special Needs Resources

  59. NYS Loving Education At Home (LEAH)


    New York State Loving Education At Home (LEAH) promotes home education throughout NY, conducts annual conferences, and publishes a quarterly newsletter for member families.

    – Recommended Reading: Getting Started

  60. Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State


    CHOIS exists to inspire parents to home educate their children throughout Idaho. They promote parent-led, family-funded, relationship-based home education resources and work to preserve the freedom to homeschool.

    – Recommended Reading: Idaho Law

  61. Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE)


    AFHE is a statewide non-profit organization that has served the needs and protected the rights of Arizona’s homeschooling families since 1983. This educational corporation is run by a Christian board of directors, and membership is available to all Arizona homeschooling parents.

    – Recommended Reading: Getting Started FAQ

  62. Georgia Home Education Association


    The Georgia Home Education Association has all the necessary information about homeschooling laws in the state, as well as books, videos, and curriculum suggestions for homeschool students and parents.

    – Recommended Reading: FAQs

  63. Connecticut Homeschool Network (CHN), Inc.


    Connecticut Homeschool Network is the state’s largest homeschool support and information organization. They offer information on special-needs children, college, curriculum, and methodologies as well as laws, learning styles, and contests. Membership is free for all state homeschoolers.

    – Recommended Reading: Curriculum

  64. The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers


    The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers publishes news, regulatory information, curricula, and more for home educators in the state.

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschool Evaluation & Testing

  65. Common Ground Homeschoolers


    Common Ground Homeschoolers is a forum that serves as a support group for homeschooling members. The core group is in contact with each other on a face-to-face basis in the Denver, Colorado, area, enjoying field trips and other events as a group.

    – Recommended Reading: Message Boards

  66. Missouri Association of Teaching Christian Homes (MATCH)


    Missouri Association of Teaching Christian Homes, Inc. is an organization that supports homeschooling parents throughout the state. Homeschooling parents can take advantage of Christian resources, ready access to national and state laws, and homeschool strategies.

    – Recommended Reading: Membership Benefits

  67. North Dakota Home School Association


    North Dakota Home School Association offers homeschooling parents across the state valuable resources such as guidelines to meet Christian values, state homeschool laws, contacts for local support groups, and lots of information about their annual convention.

    – Recommended Reading: Activities

  68. South Dakota Home School Association (SDHSA)


    South Dakota Home School Association is an inclusive nonprofit homeschool group that serves the greater Sioux Falls area. They offer a number of member benefits, including a non-discriminatory invitation with a blind eye to religion, race, ethnic background, politics, or family composition.

    – Recommended Reading: News and Notes

  69. Pennsylvania Homeschoolers


    Pennsylvania Homeschoolers is a magazine co-edited by Susan and Howard Richman. They’ve been publishing this magazine since 1982, and went online with their efforts in 2010, sharing their knowledge and experiences provided by a homeschooled family.

    – Recommended Reading: Homeschooling in Pennsylvania

  70. Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers (RIGHT)


    The Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers is a Christian-led support group for this state’s homeschoolers. They coordinate state and local events and activities, as well as offer advice and support to homeschoolers statewide.

    – Recommended Reading: Why Homeschool?

  71. Homeschoolers of Wyoming (HOW)


    The Purpose of H.O.W. is to provide support and further the interests of family-funded, parent-directed home education of children in Wyoming. The leadership is Christian directed and lead, consisting of couples serving as board of directors.

    – Recommended Reading: Suggested Checklist for Those Beginning to Homeschool

  72. Teaching Parents Association


    TPA is a Christian organization that networks new, current, and former homeschool families in Wichita and throughout Kansas. Tap into their monthly newsletter and website to learn more about homeschooling in this state, and you, too, can become part of this community.

    – Recommended Reading: TPA Membership

  73. HomeSchool Association of California


    HSC helps California homeschoolers navigate the homeschooling world with information, networking, and support. This organization began in the Bay Area in 1987, and has since grown to become a treasured statewide resource.

    – Recommended Reading: Community

  74. Beginning

    Montessori, Unschooling & Other Alternatives

    Some families choose homeschooling because their preferred education method is unavailable in their area. Humanistic, hands-on education styles like Montessori and the Waldorf method are growing in popularity, and while they are used in many classrooms, some families may prefer to use them in a homeschool setting. Others prefer to avoid standardized testing, grades, and curricula completely. The Unschooling method advocates much more free-form learning through reading, social interaction, mentorship, volunteer work, and other hands-on activities.

  75. Taming the Goblin


    A mother of one son, this blog author writes about how much pleasure she receives from homeschooling, and she shares arts and crafts for both toddlers and preschoolers as well as for adults. Look for information, too, on outdoor play and outings.

    – Recommended Reading: Toddler Arts and Crafts

  76. Discovery Moments


    A Montessori mom shares her adventures with her children through “Continent Boxes” and “Our Trays” activities. She also shares freebies and other blogs on the web that can make homeschool fun more interactive.

    – Recommended Reading: Cooking with Books

  77. Unschool Adventures


    Give your older child an opportunity to visit abroad with this U.S.-based educational program for self-directed teens. Unschool Adventures leads the way on trips that build skills, experience, and self-confidence.

    – Recommended Reading: Blog

  78. The Full Montessori


    This blog is all about Montessori and how it can work for every child if the parent is versed on the Montessori methods. The blog author speaks from experience, as she received her own education in a Montessori school.

    – Recommended Reading: Zach’s Digs – A Montessori Room

  79. montessori works


    Aimee is a Montessori mom who lives in Virginia and who serves as a mom and stepmom. She is an AMS-trained Montessori teacher who shares her knowledge and resources on this blog.

    – Recommended Reading: Resources

  80. Itty Bitty Love


    Itty Bitty Love is the blog of a self-proclaimed Stay-At-Home-Montessori-Mama who shares projects and progress reports about her life and the education of her young children.

    – Recommended Reading: Montessori – Practical Life

  81. Discovery Kidzone Montessori Adventures


    Kristen is a children’s chef, a business owner, an event designer, and a Montessori school director and teacher. Oh — and she’s a mother of four children and a homeschooling mom to boot. Learn more about this Christian mom’s efforts on her blog.

    – Recommended Reading: Back to Montessori School

  82. Montessori on a Budget


    If you’ve been intrigued by the Montessori homeschool method, but thought you couldn’t afford the price, then tap into this blog to learn more. Montessori on a Budget Blog helps make Montessori at home affordable, especially for DIY Montessori and homeschool lessons and activities.

    – Recommended Reading: Affordable Montessori Birth to Age 9

  83. Our Domestic Montessori


    Montessori 1:1 offers development sessions for parents and children between preschool and lower primary with the primary focus on Montessori homeschool methods. Ruth Barker is the director for this effort, with education received in Australia.

    – Recommended Reading: Montessori 1:1 A Private Practice

  84. Making Montessori Ours


    This mom’s former life included a stint as a program coordinator for at-risk children and families. Now, she stays home with her two children, using the Montessori Method to teach, and making that method her own.

    – Recommended Reading: Making the Montessori Great Lessons Ours – Part 1 Coming of the Universe and the Earth, and The Coming of Life

  85. Montessori for Everyone


    The author of this blog, Lori, is certified in Montessori Elementary for children age six to nine, and she also has an education background. As she began her Montessori career, she began to develop her own materials, which she now shares with others through free downloads and her blog.

    – Recommended Reading: Testimonials

  86. Montessori Services


    Montessori Services has focused on providing hard-to-find Practical Life materials into children’s homes since 1976. While the Practical Life materials remain at the core of this site’s offerings, they’ve expanded to include materials across the curriculum.

    – Recommended Reading: Practical Life Books & Cards

  87. I’m Unschooled. Yes, I Can Write.


    An “unschooled” student offers her insights into unschooling, or student-directed learning with a huge paradigm shift for adults. Learn more about this method of ‘teaching’ through someone who has been through the experience and who relays that learning in easy-to-understand terms.

    – Recommended Reading: Unschooling is Not Relaxed Homeschooling

  88. What DID We Do All Day?


    This blog is an exciting find, as it is the home of the Ultimate Montessori Homemade Materials Collaboration as well as the Ultimate Montessori Blog List. Learn about some great Montessori home activities, and find groups near you who can support you.

    – Recommended Reading: Montessori Music

  89. Feeding the Soil


    Feeding the soil and not the plant is an organic farming adage that is applied to this homeschool effort. Sara is a Montessori educator, but she’s so much more…and she writes about homeschool, traveling, gardening, and other interests at this blog.

    – Recommended Reading: Gifts for a Three-Year-Old

  90. 3 Little Bugs


    Mel currently is learning about Montessori so she can homeschool her boys. She also has a girl on the way, so she’s sharing a lot of information about bringing up young ones in the Montessori path. She also shares a lot of tools that she finds on Amazon.

    – Recommended Reading: Sound Boxes

  91. Unschooling Rules


    Unschooling Rules is a book that looks at 55 ways to “unlearn” what you may know about schools, and how to rediscover education as an evolving concept. Clark Aldrich is the author, and he offers his thoughts on this blog that accompanies this concept in teaching children.

    – Recommended Reading: The Implications of Unschooling Rules

  92. Radical Unschooling


    Radical Unschooling is a blog that approaches hundreds of perspectives on dozens of topics, including life changes, body language, and schooling. You might consider this site your “go-to” resource for all things unschooling.

    – Recommended Reading: Communication

  93. Beautiful Sun Montessori


    This beautiful site offers inspiration and encouragement to other adults who homeschool their children. The author, Susanne, also shares her resources along with thoughts about a more peaceful classroom, nature, and reviews.

    – Recommended Reading: A More Peaceful Classroom

  94. Chasing Cheerios


    Melissa is a part-time school psychologist who treats her two young daughters to Montessori-inspired activities at home. Melissa also shares their art, science, nature, and cooking projects, along with plenty of photographs.

    – Recommended Reading: Our Week in Review

  95. Dream Before You


    Tracey is a stay-at-home “mum” from Australia who homeschools her children with the Montessori Method. They’re into their third year in this process, and Tracey shares some amazing adventures and learning experiences through her writing and photos.

    – Recommended Reading: Land Form Adventure

  96. To The Lesson


    Learn more about Sasha, who started a small Montessori school in her community to offer a high-quality preschool and kindergarten experience. This AMS-certified Primary Montessori teacher also holds an MA in education.

    – Recommended Reading: Africa Studies: Masai Necklaces

  97. The Helpful Garden


    Cathie is a “Montessorian” who loves to teach children using the Montessori Method. She shares her own garden of printable materials, because she wants to grant people free access to great quality tools for teaching.

    – Recommended Reading: Human Anatomy

  98. No Greater Honor!


    Amy is a Christian mom who is married to a military man and who homeschools five young children. She shares her Montessori teaching techniques and resources in this continuously updated blog.

    – Recommended Reading: Why We Homeschool

  99. Three Oaks


    Three Oaks offers “snippets in the life of self directed learners,” which includes posts on Montessori education for toddlers and above, and general recommendations for balancing career, family, and homeschooling duties.

    – Recommended Reading: Montessori Toddler

  100. Unschoolers


    Nicole is a former elementary school teacher who held dual certifications in regular and special education, and who came from a long line of teachers. Today, she’s “unschooling” her son, and feels like this method of teaching over the past two years has been successful. Learn more…

    – Recommended Reading: What is Radical Unschooling?

  101. Montessori Beginnings


    A mother using the Montessori method to teach her young son shares her journey in this often smart, always adorable blog.

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