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Becoming a good teacher takes time, education, and commitment. We understand how important great teachers are, and we want to help you become the best educator you can be. If you’re passionate education, working with kids, and want to make a difference, earning a degree is an important first step towards this truly rewarding career.

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If becoming an elementary education teacher is right for you, allow us to help you achieve your goals. We know how difficult it can be to find a degree program that suits your individual needs. Online programs in education are growing in popularity so if distance learning is a possibility, we provide links to a variety of degree programs. If questions arise or concerns arise, please feel free to contact us:

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Holly Kline

Holly Kline

Holly Kline is our site blogger. She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Journalism degree from Indiana University and is a regularly published freelance writer with an interest in education.

Holly has spent the last five years assisting public elementary school teachers and for three years was part of a team that managed a K-4 reading incentive program. She has been a 5th grade Sunday school teacher and remains a substitute instructor for that program.

Holly is currently involved in two public elementary school classrooms. She enjoys working with educators and learning about a wide variety of educational policies and strategies.