Best Sites for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling is skyrocketing in popularity as the inconsistency of public school quality and the expense of private school has made it harder for parents to promise their children the best education available. Parents who choose to homeschool use a variety of techniques, including the Montessori Method, developed by an Italian educator in the early early 21st century, and other non-traditional teaching tactics.

The list below brings together some of the best blogs and websites being kept by families that homeschool. Many of the sites feature downloadable activity kits and other supplies for homeschoolers, and all of them offer personal stories and advice for parents considering homeschooling their kids.

  1. Home School Dad

    Home School Dad is the blog of a working parent who is also homeschooling children. Posts include activity tips and personal stories about the difficulties and rewards of homeschooling.

  2. Learning Curve

    Written by a mother who homeschools children that learn at drastically different paces, this blog is the story of a family’s efforts to meet their children’s educational needs on a highly individualized level.

  3. Our Mothership Adventures

    This site is about a family of seven who are trying out homeschooling while traveling around in an Airstream trailer and living a mobile, nontraditional lifestyle.

  4. Homeschool Circus

    This homeschooling blog from a family in Florida features personal stories about the challenges of homeschooling in addition to product reviews and suggestions for good homeschooling tools for other parents.

  5. HomeSchool Girls

    A parent who greatly values the distinction between right and wrong, homeschools her daughter in the hopes that she can instill a moral instinct in her, along with enough knowledge to take on the world!

  6. Journey to Excellence

    Journey To Excellence is a blog written by Nicole, mother of four. She and her husband currently homeschool two of their children, while the other two attend public school. They are constantly adapting their methods and educational decisions, subscribing to the philosophy that “the road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination” -Don Williams, Jr.

  7. Montessori MOMents

    This blog tells the story of a family that homeschools with a twist! Stephanie, the blog’s author, and a mother of two, uses the Montessori Method, a practice of using tactile and visual tools to teach basic concepts, which was developed by the Italian educator Maria Montessori in the early 1900s.

  8. Interest-Led Learning

    Christina Pilkington shares her adventures in homeschooling and the tools she uses to “co-design a life of passion, adventure, and connections” with her child.

  9. Special Needs Homeschooling

    Heather Laurie writes this blog about her experiences homeschooling children who have a mitochondrial disorder that causes a variety of learning delays. Since Heather herself also has the disorder, she is able to write from the perspective of a parent with a special need helping children who also have special needs.

  10. What Did We Do All Day?

    This blog is written by a mother of two who implements the Montessori Method in homeschooling her two young sons. The writer answers the blog’s eponymous question, “What did we do all day?” for people who are curious about what homeschoolers really do!

  11. Homeschooling 911

    Veteran homeschooler Anne Galivan has been homeschooling since 1990, and is blogging about what it has been like to homeschool four kids, two of whom are now in their mid-twenties.

  12. The Homeschool Mom

    This site features tons of well-organized and topical posts on homeschooling techniques, networking events for homeschoolers, and how to teach different subjects in homeschooling, all written by a mother who practices what she preaches.

  13. Confessions of a…Homeschooler

    Confessions of a Homeschooler has some great FAQs and stories about homeschooling, but where the site really shines is recommending and providing great resources for homeschooling parents.

  14. Itsy Bitsy Learners…discovering the world.

    The author of this blog has a background in early childhood studies and is a mother of two, making her a great candidate to write about what it is like to homeschool two young daughters.

  15. Small Things

    The creative mom who writes this blog writes a healthy dose of homeschooling posts along with articles about knitting, sewing, and other DIY craft project she and her children do together.

  16. Counting Coconuts

    This blog is a treasure trove of sensory activities for homeschoolers to do with their very young children. The parent of a 1 year old and a 2 year old writes this blog and most of the posts are geared toward teaching that age group.

  17. My Montessori Moments

    Lori, this blog’s author, just had a new baby, and between joyful posts about the development of her infant daughter, she continues to write about homeschooling and the Montessori way of teaching.

  18. Cultivated Lives

    On Cultivated Lives, a devoutly religious mother of three boys writes about homeschooling her children, and since she was homeschooled herself, her unique perspective has a lot to offer.

  19. Blog, She Wrote

    Heather, a mother of four, develops homeschool curriculum for her own children and shares her creations with anyone who wants them via the internet. Heather also shares personal stories about her life as an “unschooler.”

  20. Mama Jenn…raising five kids & everything in between

    A Christian mother of five young children, including some twins, writes about her experiences with homeschooling at this cute and useful blog.

  21. Learning All The Time!!

    On this blog, a family of four, including a 10 year old and an 11 year old who are being homeschooled, writes about homeschooling experiences and philosophies.

  22. Rockabye Butterfly

    A mother and early childhood educator writes about how she promotes creativity and expression in her daughter through assorted homeschooling practices and sensory activities.

  23. Unique Family Vision

    Unique Family Vision goes beyond discussing homeschooling and into developing a comprehensive “mission” for your family to achieve their goals and be happy while doing so. It turns out, though, that homeschooling plays a big part in this, and this blogger and mother of four has plenty to say about it.

  24. 1+1+1=1

    Carisa, the author of this blog, offers perspectives on homeschooling and early childhood education from her own experiences, and her site occasionally features downloadable resources or deals on learning materials.

  25. Homeschool Creations

    Homeschool Creations recommends great supplies, both homemade and professionally manufactured, for teaching young children assorted topics. Additionally, the author blogs about how to use everyday activities to learn broader concepts and make learning fun.